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Privacy Policy


No data is collected by Fritter, unless you submit a crash dump, or manually send a "Hello" ping in the app. Interaction with Twitter is minimised, but you still need to agree to their privacy policy.


Fritter does not, and will never, collect user data unless voluntarily submitted by the user.

Fritter does not, and will never, share user data with any third-party, except data submitted by users in requests to Twitter (e.g. searching for a hashtag), or unless that data has voluntarily been submitted (e.g. uploading a crash dump).

Fritter does not, and will never, contain features that rely solely on monetisation. Donations and sponsorship are accepted, but will not provide exclusive app-changing perks to those donators/sponsors. Any features that are added to Fritter will be available to all users.

Third Party

Although non-anonymous interaction with third parties is minimised:


This privacy policy is based on Barinsta's, which is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, therefore this page is also released under the same license.